Great Room Kitchen Addition


Weiss Residence
2016 | Fletcher Hills, El Cajon, CA

This project was a major kitchen remodel and room addition. The client’s vision and need was to create a great room that included a relocated kitchen. The addition only added 6 feet to one entire side of the home, but the technical difficulties of the project were substantial. The client wanted a clear open room with no posts holding up the old or new ridge beam. All the other contractors who consulted with this client told the client the normal way of doing this job: remove the entire old ridge beam and roof structure, and rebuild the entire roof over the area that included a new larger ridge beam.

Condo Modern Kitchen & Baths Remodel


Masson-Johnson Residence
2016 | Chula Vista, CA

As is the norm in most kitchen projects, the kitchen upgrade included getting more countertops and storage areas in the right places to make the kitchen a lot more functional than the typical builder layout. Even though this condo kitchen was not very big to start with, it was expanded by using space the builder had left for an in-kitchen eating table that was in the way of the sliding glass door, and never used for a table by this owner. We put the wall ovens on that unused wall to free up more storage near the cooktop for pots and pans. The unique and custom corner sink application in this kitchen allowed very good use of counter and storage on both sides of the sink. Note the angled wire baskets under the sink to utilize the sink cabinet for storage.

Transitional 1930’s Kitchen Remodel


Lynch-Baranoff Residence
2015 | La Mesa, CA

This homeowners primary issue was finding a way to enlarge the 1930’s kitchen in their home and open it up more to the dining area. The home was a 2 bedroom 1 and ¾ bath home with a full detached basement (not connected by interior stairs) containing another ¾ bath, laundry, and potential living space or bedroom that we remodeled a year after this kitchen project.

Weathered and Distressed Bird Sanctuary Kitchen


Like most of my clients, the kitchen was the focal point of their most precious activities and interactions. They needed a more functional kitchen that would make their time spent in the room more enjoyable. This couple had two passions that were the focus of this project: wine (and the food that goes with it) and their collection of exotic birds.Our challenge was to create a new kitchen in the same place that did not feel and look as cramped as the original.

North Clairemont Retro Kitchen


Bennett Residence
2012 | Clairemont Mesa

This home is located in the north Clairemont area, built sometime in the early 1960’s. It had original cabinets and countertops, and it just basically needed an upgrade. The client was striving for a retro look and wanted a very simple sleek and modern cabinet style to go with the retro look of tile counters and white appliances, avoiding the current Stainless Steel trend. The flooring looks like slate and is textured like slate, but it’s actually luxury vinyl tile (LVT). I love that product, it’s a great solution. In this particular case, it was put in over a slab floor, so it was easy to install and resulted in a feel that’s very soft on the feet. It’s a commercial-grade product, so it looks and wears very, very well.

Sleek and Compact Kitchen


Tani Residence
2008 | Chula Vista, CA

As you can see in the before photos of this tiny kitchen it was very cramped. It had lots of dead space in corners which made it even more inefficient for storage and usable counter space near the cook top, refrigerator, or sink. The solution entailed moving the door between the dining room and kitchen which eliminated the dead corners on the right of the range and the lack of counter to the right of the range in the original plan. Moving this door also allowed the creation of a U-shaped work area with the sink at the center. This U-system is considered the most efficient option in most kitchens. We also added storage on the family room side of the peninsula, role out shelves, lazy susans, and numerous other storage features.

Patio Oasis Remodel


Boyd Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Addition
2010 | (Fletcher Hills) El Cajon, CA

This kitchen remodel and addition was done to increase the size of both the kitchen and dining room while also making the kitchen, family room and living room more accessible to the back yard and patio for entertaining and daily living. They had just done a major landscaping upgrade of the back yard and wanted to tie in the new back yard to the home. We also added a patio roof over the entire back of the house to enhance the usability of the patio. Also, on their list of details to add to this project were a cat door to the garage and a storage closet area to be used as a drop off catch all when the family members entered the home from the garage door, their main entrance during normal daily activities.

Built-in Basics Kitchen


Sipan Residence
Kitchen Remodel
2008 | La Mesa, CA

This unusually shaped kitchen had numerous obstacles, that you can see in the before and construction photos, that defined the shape of the room we were forced to deal with. If the middle of the room, behind the refrigerator, is a masonry fireplace base and walls for a second floor fireplace above the kitchen. Also, all the exterior walls in this home are made from reinforced concrete, not wood framing, which also limited our ability to move the kitchen sink or change exterior door and window locations. We did add a second door in and original window location by using the existing concrete header.

Mission Style Cherry Kitchen


Pierce Residence
Mission Style Cherry Kitchen
2007 | South Park

Great care was taken during this project to make sure the new kitchen, office, and adjoining room cabinetry fit in with this South Park Mission Style home. The kitchen was rearranged to create more usable counter space and storage while tying into the existing cabinets in the dining room that pass thru into the kitchen and an existing bookcase in an area re-purposed as an office, with a small drop down table that doubles as a breakfast area. This table has been used by me many times and was originally published in "Better Homes and Gardens" in the late 1980s.

Upscale Country Kitchen Remodel


Tucker Residence
Kitchen & Walk-In Pantry Remodel
2006 | (Mt. Helix) El Cajon, CA

When this custom home was originally built a little over 20 years ago, Dan helped designed the kitchen and supplied the generic oak cabinets for this home. When the homeowner undertook a major addition and remodeling of the home in 2006, they called Dan to help with the kitchen remodel, pantry, wet bar, new bedroom, hall storage cabinets, and master bath remodel portions of the project. Jan Tucker, an accomplished interior designer, had very definite ideas as to materials she wanted to use and had very specific storage and work flow needs. This clients needs and vision were captured successfully with Dan's ability to listen and communicate then use his space planning, technical knowledge, and attention to detail.

Unconventional Corner Kitchen Remodel


Weimar Residence
Unconventional Corner Kitchen Remodel
2006 | Tierrasanta

I love the challenge of making a small kitchen more functional. In my opinion, it’s a far more challenging task than designing a big kitchen with lots of space available. This kitchen was no exception, and I hope you agree that my solution not only added a unique look and focal point, it most importantly made this kitchen function as well as possible for the space it had available.

Great Room Entertainment Kitchen


Arrieta Residence
Kitchen, Entry, & Living Room Remodel
2004 | El Cajon , CA

The main criteria in this homes remodel was to remove a large wall separating the kitchen from the Formal Dining room and Living room to make one Great Room. As you can see in the photos opening these rooms up to one another allows a great deal more light to flow into each area. This is now a great area for entertaining friends and family.

Timeless Maple & Black Hub Kitchen


Borgia Residence
Timeless Maple & Black Hub Kitchen
2004 | Solana Beach

The task here was to remodel the kitchen in such a way that it became the hub of this family’s active lifestyle. The kitchen was situated in the center of the home, surrounded by the living room, dining room, breakfast nook which led to the patio, and the family room that also had access to the patio. The clients wanted anyone working in the kitchen to stay connected to everyone in the family room. To maximize the connection between the two rooms, we opted for the unusual solution of moving the sink into the island so anyone working at the sink would also be facing the family room and TV. This island sink, counter, and cabinets are the center of this kitchen, and in turn the central hub of the home’s common areas. We accented the island with pendant lights for decoration as well as recessed down lights for function.

Great Room Kitchen & Baths Remodel


Blane Residence
Great Room Kitchen & Baths Remodel
2004 | La Jolla, CA

This was a major home interior remodel in which we had to remove two adjoining bearing walls to open up the large great room area just off the kitchen. This home is now ready for lots of entertaining that this client does. The backyard and patio are now an accessible part of this area after adding the large sliding glass doors you see in the photos. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the features to open up dead corners and get the most out of the cabinets and countertops.

Traditional Antique White Kitchen


Umekubo Residence
Traditional Antique White Kitchen
Kitchen Remodel to Update 1960's Home
2003 | Bonita

This client was referred to me by a family friend, as most of my clients are, and was looking to simply upgrade and replace all the existing kitchen components. In regard to layout changes, the Wife could not imagine any modifications that could be made to make the kitchen more efficient. When I suggested considering a few minor placement changes for the sink, range, and fridge, she showed a great deal of resistance. As I do with all of my clients, I explained why the changes would make the kitchen more usable in extensive detail to give her the necessary information and context to make an educated and informed decision, and asked her to simply think about it for a few days before she finalized her decision. After talking to her grown children, one of which was a successful professional chef, she not only embraced the changes I had suggested, but added on other changes the family chef offered as well. To this day, whenever I see her she reminds me how much she likes the changes we made to her kitchen.

Sleek Modern Red Cherry Kitchen


Jagoda Residence
Sleek Modern Red Cherry Kitchen
2003 | Carmel Valley

This project started as a kitchen remodel, but with change orders grew in scope to include a new family room entertainment center, revamped wet bar, entryway flooring, and fireplace facade & mantel. The homeowners were both looking towards retirement in a decade and wanted to do an upgrade for the 30 year old home that would markedly enhance their enjoyment of the home for years to come.

Corner Sink Makes Small Kitchen Function


Gary Residence
Corner Sink Makes Small Kitchen Function
2003 | Rancho Bernardo

This client’s primary objective in updating this small 1950's kitchen was to try to get more counter space, particularly between the sink and cooktop, as this is every kitchen’s most utilized food prep and work area. The original builder, like most do, put the sink and cooktop almost right on top of one another in the left corner of this kitchen. Our primary layout change was to move the sink to the right and place it in the corner, still affording it a view out the window but no longer centered to the window. This change gave the client the work counter they were missing and made the kitchen much more functional.

Built-In Wok Kitchen


Fong Residence
Built-In Wok Kitchen
2000 | College Area

A dedicated high BTU gas commercial grade built-in wok was the unique element that became the focal point for the majority of the cooking done by this wonderful Chinese family. When they had us update their original 1950’s kitchen, this wok was at the top of their wish list. They did not want the wok attached to the main cooktop, but instead on its own with a higher BTU rating than was available at that time from residential wok cooktop add-ons. The small island that was added provided extra storage, but was primarily intended as the prep and serving area for the wok as it is situated directly between the wok and water supply, while also being only a step away from the fridge.

Clean Contemporary Great Room Addition


Endo Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Family Room Addition
1999 | Clairemont Mesa

This project was a major remodel and room addition in which we removed a 26 foot long section of the back of the home to add 12 feet of space to the family room and a breakfast area. Wanting the kitchen open to this addition created one limitation for the kitchen: there was very little wall space to put wall cabinets over work counters. Our solution was to have as many tall pantry cabinets as possible in the center section on either side of the refrigerator, so that storage was only one step away from a counter.

Angled Wall Transforms Corridor Kitchen


Nakamura Residence
Angled Wall Transforms Corridor Kitchen
1998 | Clairemont Mesa

This project started out like many, with existing narrow corridor kitchens (see before photo at the end of this gallery). The client insisted they needed to do a kitchen room addition to create a larger more functional room that fit their needs. After listening to their thoughts and needs, I walked around the adjoining rooms to see how space was used in those areas. What I found was that this home, like most other tract homes, had an enormous amount of poorly used space, particularly in their large L-shaped living room and areas of transition between one room and another. One leg of the L was spaced so poorly its use was limited to what I called a very wide hallway. The solution I suggested saved this client $15,000 or more by simply rotating that kitchen/living room wall at an angle to give the kitchen the needed floor and wall space to meet the clients needs rather than their original room addition request. Rotating the wall helped both the kitchen and living room become more functional and usable spaces.

South American Influenced Country Kitchen


Goodwin Residence (SFR)
South American Influenced Country Kitchen
1998 | University City

This was the first of 4 significant remodels we did for this work-at-home client. He is a consultant that travels the world for his profession, and this kitchen and adjoining rooms project reflects a strong South American influence that reflects their style tastes. It has the classic white cabinets and bluish counters of a Country French kitchen, with the South American influence of stained and finished Mexican paver floors throughout the remodeled area.

Modernized Mountain Remodel


Austerlitz Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1996 | La Mesa, CA

If you compare the pictures of this kitchen with the same kitchen we did for this client in 1980 you will see striking similarities in the basic functional layout - the colors, textures, materials, and accent details have changed dramatically in this updated version of this kitchen. The client felt this renovated kitchen is the one they would have built back in 1981 if their budget then would have allowed it. The fact that the client was insistent on not changing anything in the layout from the original kitchen design is a testament to how well the original solution fit this client's needs and maximized the utility of the space in which this kitchen resides.

Emerald Ocean Gem Kitchen


Whalen Residence
Kitchen Remodel and 2 Story Addition
1994 | Del Mar, CA

Much like their friend and neighbors the Goodwins, this two story addition doubled the size of an upstairs bedroom and turned a small breakfast area off the kitchen into a larger dining area while also creating a bigger kitchen.

Timeless White Green Cherry Kitchen


Turchin Residence
Timeless White Green Cherry Kitchen
1994 | Fletcher Hills

This clients main objective was to increase the functionality of the kitchen area as a whole and make it the focal point of activity for their young family while also creating a better physical and visual connection between the kitchen, family room, and patio/ pool area. The original kitchen had a U-shape at the windows with wall cabinets separating the kitchen from family room and a straight run of cabinets where the prep sink and ovens are now. That plan was relatively functional, but the breakfast seating area was in a straight line facing the kitchen and could barely seat 3. Those straight-line eating bars do not lend themselves well to communication and interaction, as you do not face anyone sitting there with you. The kitchen was big enough to add an island and also attach a full table that comfortably seats 5, all facing one another.

Wine Lovers Kitchen Addition


Goodwin Residence
Wine Room Addition
1993 | Del Mar, CA

This client began collecting wines after we completed a major kitchen remodel and addition that included a small wine cooler installed in the island of the kitchen.

Clean and Neutral Kitchen & Bath


Stratton Residence
Kitchen and Bath Remodel & Addition
1992 | La Jolla, CA

This Mount La Jolla condo got a new larger kitchen by adding 3 feet in depth by moving the sink wall out under an existing second floor projection. A new door less shower was added to and upstairs bath.

Country French Ocean View Kitchen


Goodwin Residence
Kitchen Remodel and Addition
1991 | Del Mar, CA

This small 60 sf addition created a room that looked and functioned a lot larger than one would have expected by giving the room a more workable shape and more walls suitable for large exterior windows to capture the ocean views available to this home.

Stained Glass Kitchen


Nugent Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1991 | La Mesa, CA

This small old La Mesa kitchen originally had walls on all 4 sides isolating it from the adjoining dining room and family room. One and one half of those walls were removed to open the kitchen. The resulting big room made all the areas feel and function bigger while simply reorganizing the existing space. Attention to architectural details insured that this kitchen remodel looked like it was a well designed part of the original home, both inside and out.

Del Mar Kitchen & Living Space Remodel


Mayer Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1991 | Del Mar, CA

While doing this major kitchen remodel our biggest challenge was to figure out how to turn the original U-shaped kitchen into an island kitchen without changing the gray floor tile that covered the kitchen and all adjoining halls and rooms.

English Styled Kitchen


Hickey Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1991 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA

This client loved the English Styled look of Limed Oak, Frieze Details, and Beaded Inset Doors made popular at the time in advertising by "Smallbone" an English manufacturer trying to penetrate the US market. When I gave this client our price for copying the look and style of this cabinet and all the alterations and construction work this client would not let me leave his home until we signed and agreement. He later admitted he was afraid I had made a mistake and would come back later with a higher price since our price for the entire job was less than the price he had been quoted by "Smallbone" for just the cabinetry. When the job was over our client realized they not only got a better value but also a more well constructed cabinet and a more personalized end product by buying locally from us.

Enjoyable Entertainment Kitchen


Beers Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1990 | (University City) San Diego, CA

This room originally had a very small cramped U-shape kitchen with a breakfast table for 4 in front of the sliding glass doors that blocked access in and out of the door. While going thru the design process I noticed the wife seemed very uncomfortable. Finally, on the visit in which we seemed to agree on the final plan, I asked her if she was OK with everything we were planning. She looked at me and asked, "Are you sure you have not mis measured our room?" She went on, "I can not believe everything we are planning will fit in to this small room."

I measured everything correctly and this kitchen fit the space perfectly, giving the clients family many enjoyable hours of function and entertainment.

Expansive Entertaining Kitchen & Deck


Von Herzen Residence
Kitchen Remodel, Greenhouse Addition, & Deck
1990 | La Mesa, CA

This Mount Helix home was a perfect setting for a green house addition facing the view. Why? Greenhouse additions have one draw back - they trap the heat from direct sunlight. That makes a lot of sense in a cool or cold climate. So what is the purpose of building a sun room in warm southern California where you have to cover all the glass with shades to keep from burning up most of the year? That is a good question - unless your home is surrounded by large shade trees and your views are under the plumage of these tress, as was the case for this client.

Golden Balance Kitchen


Goldstone Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1989 | (Del Cerro) San Diego, CA

This Del Cerro home had a dark kitchen whose window faced north. With little direct sunlight it was important to use light cabinets to brighten the room and make it feel more expansive. We enlarged the window size and added a bay window to add light and make the kitchen feel more connected to the back yard. The client picked almond laminate cabinets with wood trim to soften look of the laminate. Good use of lighting was the final element that made this kitchen work.

Clean & Classic Kitchen


Cullinen-James Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1988 | (Mission Hills) San Diego, CA

This big historic Mission Hills home had an original kitchen area that was large, but broken up by 4 entrances and two large windows. The client was understandably reluctant to close off any windows to gain the wall space needed to make an efficient kitchen. It made more sense to them when we suggested moving the kitchen to a small adjoining family room and turn the old kitchen area into a new larger family room which would make more use out of the large windows and 4 entrances.

Garden View Eat-In Kitchen


Mizoguchi Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Greenhouse Addition
1987 | Del Mar, CA

In this small greenhouse addition we captured a second floor porch surrounded by the U-shaped second story of the home, and added it to the kitchen remodeling with part of the new roof as a glass greenhouse over the new sink area. It added enough room to the once corridor kitchen to make a large kitchen with an island.

Streamlined & Structured Kitchen


Boyd Residence - Kitchen Remodel
Complete Kitchen Remodel
1983 | La Jolla, CA

This home in La Jolla with an incredible scenic ocean view from the kitchen captured the clean sleek lined look the homeowner was looking for using post formed laminate cabinets with no handles and white corian counters.

Semi-Circle Sensible Kitchen


Ross Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1983 | Del Mar, CA

This unique and small, Old Del Mar, home required a unique solution to its tiny kitchen. We enlarged the kitchen by removing a wall between the kitchen and original laundry area. The laundry was moved into the garage, making a tiny kitchen space into a small and awkward shaped area. We were able to turn this unusually shaped area into a functional room with an aesthetic solution which fit the unique characteristics of this home.

Two-Level Wooden Warmth Kitchen


Perkins Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1983 | Coronado, CA

This large Coronado family needed to enlarge their kitchen to fit the family's active life style. They needed a lot more than the original 3 seats at their eating bar and a larger kitchen work area for mom to work while she fed the family and guests.

Rounded Wonder Kitchen


Gordon Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel & Bath Remodel
1983 | La Jolla, CA

In this La Jolla home we did major structural alterations to turn the area of an unused study into a family room open to the kitchen and breakfast area. The use of curved cabinet ends to softened the transition between each area created a very inviting living space.

Black & White Kitchen and Bath


Chiger Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel & Bath Remodel
1982 | (Bay Park) San Diego, CA

This small bath remodel was the catalyst to Dan's research into why we remodel bathrooms with traditional specifications, and the development of his "Functions Bathroom Design" concepts. This home, and specifically this kitchen, has exactly the same original floor plan as another kitchen remodel we performed in 1978 for the Schiffers in Kensington. The Chigers chose to open up the kitchen and enlarge it by combining three original rooms into one. Walls were removed that separated the kitchen, laundry, and breakfast nook.

Archway Allurement Kitchen


Ewing Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1982 | La Jolla, CA

In this kitchen remodel our task was to open the kitchen up and make it feel bigger without actually adding any additional floor space. We did two things to accomplish this: First, we removed most of an original wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. As you can see from the photos we sculpted this opening to match the existing style of the main entry to the dining room. We also left a short section of the original wall 42" tall so it would block the view of pots and other utensils on the cook top and counter from the dining area. This created the depth and feeling of an island kitchen, while still maintaining the separateness and visual integrity of the dining room. The second thing we changed was to vault the kitchen ceiling to match the dining room. That element gave more height and volume to the kitchen which also made it feel much bigger. The use of new white laminate cabinets also aided in creating the feel of a bigger kitchen.

Patterned Beach Home Remodel


Bear Residence
Kitchen Remodel and Bath Remodel
1982 | Del Mar, CA

This Del Mar beach house needed more light and to be opened to the rest of the living area to make it more pleasant for living and entertaining. The clients loved the look of this unique door style for this beach house.

Bench Seat Basics Kitchen & Bath


Coleman Residence
Kitchen Remodel/Addition
Master Bath Remodel
1982 | La Jolla, CA

This kitchen and bath remodel included a small 21" extension of the kitchen under the existing eave to make room for a built in Bench Seat with storage. It added enough room to the kitchen to add a small breakfast table to the room. We worked closely with Interior Designer William McElroy to capture this clients dreams.

Curved Classic Kitchen


Newton Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1982 | Oceanside, CA

This kitchen had an almost perfectly square footprint. To make it more visually appealing we made heavy use of curved cabinet doors and curved open shelving. The clients cabinet style and color selection was greatly influenced by their recent visit to Europe.

Spreckles Beach House Designer Showcase


Doilney Residence
Designer Showcase Kitchen Remodel
1982 | Coronado, CA

Voted Best Room in the 1982 Designer Showcase Home, and later featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Designers West, and San Diego Home & Garden magazines. The Major Kitchen Remodel of this historic mansion on Ocean Blvd. in Coronado provided many structural and design challenges.

Squared-Off Style Kitchen


Sturgeon Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Addition
1981 | Coronado, CA

This client needed a small addition to this architecturally unique home to add a breakfast room to the adjoining kitchen remodel. Great care was taken to match the original construction details used to build this home.

Warm & Open Kitchen


Frechtel Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1981 | (Del Cerro) San Diego, CA

Major Kitchen remodel entailed removing two adjoining bearing walls, bordering a small corridor kitchen, to completely open the kitchen, dining room, living room and family room into one large room which was open to the back yard, with pool and view.

Industrial Classic Kitchen


Ozerkus Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1981 | Carlsbad, CA

This single family residence kitchen remodel entailed removal of interior wall to open kitchen up to the living area and other rooms, creating expansive & light kitchen, living and entertaining spaces.

Butcher Block Custom Kitchen


Arbon Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel and Addition
1980 | Del Mar (Torrey Pines), CA

This major kitchen remodeling project used a nicely designed addition to add enough space to a kitchen to add a nice sized work island with moveable butcher block and a large bay window area projection for a breakfast area to this home. Great communication and coordination with the homeowner enabled us to create a truly custom room that was a perfect fit for all their families functional and aesthetic needs.

Light & Bright Mountain Remodel


Austerlitz Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1980 | La Mesa, CA

In 1980 our clients, a young professional couple, moved to San Diego and bought an older Mount Helix home. As with most young couples buying their first home, they were a bit house poor after the purchase, so they made a number of material concessions to get the kitchen updated within their budget. The original dark outdated kitchen really needed redesign and a major face lift to brighten the kitchen and help it to better blend in with a very nice family room to which it opened.

Bold & Dark Kitchen Remodel


Kalafer Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1980 | (Normal Heights) San Diego, CA

As you can see from the original pitchers this old, heavily Spanish style home in University Heights overlooking Mission Valley needed a major remodel of the kitchen. It was only natural to create a heavily Spanish style kitchen in keeping with the rest of the home.

Off-The-Grid Kitchen


Bettles Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1979 | (Bird Rock) La Jolla, CA

This small Bird Rock area home that needed a lot of work was purchased by a young couple that simply did not have the funds to put in the most expensive kitchen remodel available. We rearranged the kitchen to maximize the ocean views from both the kitchen and breakfast table, while the client selected the most cost effective materials available. This kitchen remodel is proof you do not need to spend a lot of money on the most expensive materials to have a kitchen that functions well and looks great.

Early American Kitchen Remodel


Myer Residence
Kitchen & Bath Remodel
1978 | (Hillcrest), San Diego, CA

Major Kitchen and Bath Remodel involved removing two walls to create a large kitchen. Early American style theme was chosen to match all the homeowners existing furnishings.

Sleek Skylit Kitchen


Hatch Residence
Kitchen Remode
1979 | Hillcrest, San Diego, CA
This old large Hillcrest home and it's client presented some unique design challenges to us. This kitchen had little natural light. Its only window was obstructed from light by neighbors trees. The client would have loved to have a skylight but there was a second story bedroom above the entire kitchen. So how in the heck did we get a skylight in this kitchen to brighten it up? Read the description at the side to find out. Attention to architectural details insured that this kitchen remodel looked like it was a well designed part of the original home, both inside and out.

Warm Patterned Kitchen


Van Dam Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Cabinet Refacing
1978 | La Mesa, CA

This Mount Helix client felt this kitchen only needed a facelift, so the changes were minimal. We refaced and modified the majority of the existing kitchen cabinets, added a few more to create this attractive kitchen.