Original Post: Whirlpool slide-in ranges that are not slide-in

Life has an uncanny way of connecting us to what we choose as being important to ourselves . The day that I finished my post about the Whirlpool slide-in range, I went to a trade show and at Whirlpool’s booth, I met some members of their upper-level management team and shared the thoughts in my previous post about their slide-in range.  Normally those booths are only staffed with salespeople, so this was a fortunate opportunity.

  • They seemed truly amazed that I could not find the peel and stick trim kit accessory anywhere, and promised to send me one to evaluate.
  • They also seemed to listen intently to my concerns about the viability of a peel and stick accessory, and vowed to follow up with their design dept to see if a more permanent alternative accessory could be made.

Another topic I brought up to them was the need to have more open lines of communication between professionals like myself, who specify and install their products and their upper-level design and engineering team. I suggested using some type of login verification system for pros and their website or social media sites to allow professionals to communicate product deficiencies or needs directly to their upper level decision makers. 

  • They appeared intrigued by the idea and recognized a need and benefits to them instituting such a system.

The good part of this meeting was they both genuinely seemed interested and understood my concerns. Now comes the wait to see if the people above them that make the final decisions share their concern and sincerity.

I will keep you posted on any updates. Please keep letting them know your thoughts. The more of us who act on this, the more likely we will see a change for the better. We can all make a difference, one person at a time!