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Can a Contract be Cancelled?2015-06-29T20:08:56+00:00

Yes and no – all remodeling contractors in California must contain a 3-day cancellation or rescission clause, which means you have 3 days after the the contract sign date to cancel without penalty.

After that three day rescission period or if work has been started, contract cancellation gets far more complicated (beyond the scope of this FAQ).

Many contractors (Dan included) have documents that are signed when materials are ordered that must be fabricated or custom ordered prior to starting work on the job called work authorization forms. Once those have been signed, payment must be remitted for the work order even if the contract is cancelled.

Are Design Services Required?2015-06-29T20:00:16+00:00

As a design-build contractor, Dan typically does the design and plan creation for the projects that he works on. This way he knows with absolute certainty that the work can be done properly and to generated specifications, and that all necessary details are considered and accounted for. While it is possible for us to to work with third-party design plans, this undermines the value of the design-build approach to a project. As such, it is best to have Dan do the design AND remodeling work for any project.

Do You Do Concrete Countertops?2015-06-29T20:06:14+00:00

Yes, but while we are able to create & install concrete countertops, they are not an ideal solution for everybody. There are two huge misconceptions about concrete countertops:

  1. They make a great countertop from a functional standpoint.
  2. They’re cheaper than countertops made from other materials.

From a functional standpoint, concrete is not a good counter surface for kitchen or bathroom. It is one of the most porous materials available, which means it stains extremely easily. There are currently no sealers or waxes that are recommended for it that will protect the surface. Until there is, I have a hard time recommending concrete as a counter service.

Additionally, concrete countertops also has a high cost. Even when done right, concrete is still one of the most expensive counter services possible, and is extremely heavy. While it does have a very unique look and texture, for kitchens or baths in which real activity/work is done, I would recommend looking at honed stones for the texture.