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Thank you for visiting! We are a San Diego based design/build business specializing in functional residential design and remodeling. While kitchens & baths are our primary areas of focus, we are also highly experienced with repurposing and creating all other home areas to meet our clients’ needs: living rooms, bedrooms, closets, decks, patios, additions, and more…Dan does it all!

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Whether you are one of our clients selecting materials, or a browser just passing by gathering information for your own project, it is our hope that the information in this site empowers you to make better decisions for yourself, than if you had not met us.

We firmly believe the final choice of what materials to use in your project are yours and yours alone. We want to help you make those decisions based on a factual understanding of the real pros and cons of all your options, rather than a manufacturer or company sales pitch.

All we care about is that the information you find here is accurate and detailed, so you gain knowledge and insight from us, and in turn hope that gives you confidence to tell others about us.

Why Choose Us?

All highly successful projects start with great design. Great design ensures that the project meets the client’s functional and aesthetic needs. In his four decades in business Dan has won more than two dozen national design awards in kitchen, bath, and ceramic tile design. He has had many entire projects and numerous of his unique functional design solutions published & featured in national, local, and trade magazines, like Better Homes & Gardens – Kitchen & Bath, Designers West, and many others.

A good design goes beyond ensuring the right room elements are selected and arranged in an eye-pleasing manner – it also accounts for how they all work together to support the purpose of the room and the needs of the homeowner, and must have clearly defined specifications & plans that will be followed to build it. Dan excels at bridging great functional design with his clients’ desired aesthetic style.

The two most vital elements of quality construction are first selecting materials and products that are engineered to withstand the conditions in which they’ll be used and installing them with techniques that are fundamentally sound and will allow that product to behave in the way it’s supposed to.

Quality is not accurately reflected in how the project looks immediately after completion, but by how it holds up in the years afterwards. Most of the photos in our portfolio were taken years (an in some cases, even decades) after the project was completed. We offer classic levels of quality & durability that are uncommon in the present day trade that stand the tests of time, both materially and aesthetically.

As a designer-builder, Dan offers turnkey solutions in which he solves his clients’ needs with his design expertise and directs the project to completion. Dan’s clients can expect to have a direct one-on-one line of communication with the same person through the entire process.

This takes a great burden off the homeowner: the fewer people the homeowner needs to communicate with, the less that can go wrong, and the easier the process is on the homeowner, mentally and emotionally. Clear, open, and consistent communication throughout a project is the surest way to ensure its successful completion.

Servicing San Diego county since 1977, Dan has completed over 1000 home remodeling projects.

Throughout the course of his career, been featured in multiple national & local publications, and won various industry awards – no other San Diego-based remodeler has been more recognized or highly published.

Learn more about Dan, or browse the portfolio to see his awards, achievements, and work samples.

What Clients Say

“I recommend Dan unconditionally. He is first-rate, top-notch. Honest, straightforward, very experienced. Trust him, he knows what he is doing.”
Vivienne Bennett
“Without exception, we highly recommend Dan Nesovic. His knowledge and experience in design and construction and his patience in guiding us through this remodel were outstanding. “
Charles & Pam McPherron
“He was amazing. His insights were so clear and obvious after he discussed them with us, but made a huge impact on how we designed our kitchen as no one else had made these comments/had these ideas.”
Ryan Eddingfield
“Everyone else we have spoken to has tried to sell us something, or talk us into something without regard for what is best for us. They have either been salesmen with limited nuts and bolts construction knowledge, or construction people with little design experience who want us to talk to an architect. Your knowledge of the process from start to finish was very welcome.”
Charles Weiss