Project Description

Weiss Residence
Great Room Kitchen Addition
2016 | Fletcher Hills, El Cajon, CA


  • Added 6 feet to entire side of house
  • Added two sliding glass doors that lead to exterior patio, and a new arched window over the new sink location
  • Moved the kitchen to the garage wall and off the wall leading to the patio to create a huge great room open to the existing patio
  • Removed interior bearing walls and one bearing post for old ridge beam. Save client many thousands of dollars by doing this in a way no one else contemplated by installing new scissor trusses under existing roof structure instead of removing and rebuilding roof as all others had planned to do.
  • Installed new skylights and upgraded all electrical to meet current codes and new LED lighting throughout the rooms on dimmer switches

Kitchen Details


Cabinets: Thermofoil Bisque 0150 w/ Caramel Glaze
Cabinet Interior: White Melamine
Door Style: 5 Piece Raised Panel w/ Traditional Miter
Cabinet Lighting: Juno UPLED Undercabinet Lights
Countertops: Lapidus Granite
Room Lighting: Recessed Ceiling LEDs


Refrigerator: LG Stainless Steel Super Capacity French Door (Model #LFXS30766)
Range: Samsung Slide-In Gas Range (Model #NX58G9950WS)
Range Hood: Zephyr Savona Wall Range Hood


Flooring: Cali Bamboo Java Fossilized Wide Click

Project Credits
Designer: Danilo Nesovic
Contractor: Danilo Nesovic
Interior Decoration: Dee Weiss
Cabinet Manufacturer: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

This project was a major kitchen remodel and room addition. The client’s vision and need was to create a great room that included a relocated kitchen. The addition only added 6 feet to one entire side of the home, but the technical difficulties of the project were substantial. The client wanted a clear open room with no posts holding up the old or new ridge beam. All the other contractors who consulted with this client told the client the normal way of doing this job: remove the entire old ridge beam and roof structure, and rebuild the entire roof over the area that included a new larger ridge beam.

When we first spoke, I had actually suggested they consider finding another home that already had the features they wanted, since changes to home appraisal guidelines after 2008 would significantly reduce the likelihood they’d ever see a return on the investment if they ever sold the home. When they got back in touch with me saying they wanted to move forward, I informed them I’d thought of another way to do the project that could potentially save them a good deal of money by not having to rebuild the roof.

I suspected it would be possible to install specially designed scissor trusses under the existing roof structure that would support the entire roof and old ridge beam without the need of replacing the beam or the roof. This solution resulted in a lower vault to the ceiling, but it worked. The engineer I had worked with for decades had recently retired, but he helped me find a new one that would agree to do the engineering on this project. The sad truth is too many engineers and other tradespeople are either too lazy or not knowledgeable enough to do anything other than the standard construction practices they use every day; I had more than a few flat out tell me it could not be done at all.

As you can see in the photos, we were able to install the trusses, pass inspection by the city, and ultimately save a lot of money on the construction portion of this project using my alternate construction method.

We moved the kitchen to the corner of the new addition along the garage wall so the new kitchen island faced towards the patio and the rest of the great room. The island was purposefully placed at an angle so it partially faced both the patio and the entertainment area and fire place. That angle also opens up the walk space in the kitchen so it is easier for two or more people to work in the kitchen without running into each other.

The patio was emphasized as part of the entertainment area by adding two large sliding glass doors for easy access, which gave it a visual and physical spatial awareness that makes it feel as a part of the great room interior.

The style the clients chose for the kitchen was a very traditional door style with a more transitional overall feel. Another area I helped this client save a good deal of money was in the cabinet selection. These clients wanted a painted glazed look for the L-shaped part of the kitchen and a rusted textured wood for the island to make it stand out. Most (if not all) other contractors would have simply given them the option of real wood and paint, which is the standard, costlier, and a less durable option for the cabinets. I was able to find these clients glazed thermofoil doors and textured wood look thermofoil doors in colors that fit their needs and that saved them enough money to buy all the new appliances (and then some!).

Overall, this project was a big success resulting from the homeowner and I working together to reduce costs without sacrificing any of their functional and aesthetic needs. This only happens when you choose a designer/contractor who has a great deal of experience and resources, and also truly cares about your needs, rather than one who is simply trying to sell you something.