Basement Guest House Remodel


Lynch-Baranoff Residence
2015 | La Mesa, CA

The objective in this detached basement (no interior access from the main floor) was to upgrade the existing kitchenette, bath, and laundry to make it more presentable and livable for guests or visiting family members. We expanded the main entry door to the patio from a single door to a double French door, opening up the basement to the patio outdoor entertainment area. This made the functioning kitchenette in the basement fairly critical. With the homes main kitchen an entire floor above without a means of direct access, this kitchenette is the kitchen area most used when using the patio to entertain guests. Having it fully operational and readily available to the patio area greatly reduces the need to go up and down a long flight of stairs to the primary kitchen in the residence.

Great Room Kitchen Addition


Weiss Residence
2016 | Fletcher Hills, El Cajon, CA

This project was a major kitchen remodel and room addition. The client’s vision and need was to create a great room that included a relocated kitchen. The addition only added 6 feet to one entire side of the home, but the technical difficulties of the project were substantial. The client wanted a clear open room with no posts holding up the old or new ridge beam. All the other contractors who consulted with this client told the client the normal way of doing this job: remove the entire old ridge beam and roof structure, and rebuild the entire roof over the area that included a new larger ridge beam.

Condo Modern Kitchen & Baths Remodel


Masson-Johnson Residence
2016 | Chula Vista, CA

As is the norm in most kitchen projects, the kitchen upgrade included getting more countertops and storage areas in the right places to make the kitchen a lot more functional than the typical builder layout. Even though this condo kitchen was not very big to start with, it was expanded by using space the builder had left for an in-kitchen eating table that was in the way of the sliding glass door, and never used for a table by this owner. We put the wall ovens on that unused wall to free up more storage near the cooktop for pots and pans. The unique and custom corner sink application in this kitchen allowed very good use of counter and storage on both sides of the sink. Note the angled wire baskets under the sink to utilize the sink cabinet for storage.

Transitional 1930’s Kitchen Remodel


Lynch-Baranoff Residence
2015 | La Mesa, CA

This homeowners primary issue was finding a way to enlarge the 1930’s kitchen in their home and open it up more to the dining area. The home was a 2 bedroom 1 and ¾ bath home with a full detached basement (not connected by interior stairs) containing another ¾ bath, laundry, and potential living space or bedroom that we remodeled a year after this kitchen project.