Off-The-Grid Kitchen


Bettles Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1979 | (Bird Rock) La Jolla, CA

This small Bird Rock area home that needed a lot of work was purchased by a young couple that simply did not have the funds to put in the most expensive kitchen remodel available. We rearranged the kitchen to maximize the ocean views from both the kitchen and breakfast table, while the client selected the most cost effective materials available. This kitchen remodel is proof you do not need to spend a lot of money on the most expensive materials to have a kitchen that functions well and looks great.

A-Frame Second Story Addition


Amis Residence
Kitchen Remodel and 2nd Story Addition
1979 | La Jolla, CA

This single family residence kitchen and bath remodel with a second story A-frame addition doubled the size of an old La Jolla beach house. It added a 3rd bedroom, second bath, and large upstairs family room & deck with incredible ocean views. Unlike most of Dan's additions, which try to blend in with the original architecture of the home, this addition completely changed the character and style of this home.

Sleek Skylit Kitchen


Hatch Residence
Kitchen Remode
1979 | Hillcrest, San Diego, CA
This old large Hillcrest home and it's client presented some unique design challenges to us. This kitchen had little natural light. Its only window was obstructed from light by neighbors trees. The client would have loved to have a skylight but there was a second story bedroom above the entire kitchen. So how in the heck did we get a skylight in this kitchen to brighten it up? Read the description at the side to find out. Attention to architectural details insured that this kitchen remodel looked like it was a well designed part of the original home, both inside and out.

Warm Patterned Kitchen


Van Dam Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Cabinet Refacing
1978 | La Mesa, CA

This Mount Helix client felt this kitchen only needed a facelift, so the changes were minimal. We refaced and modified the majority of the existing kitchen cabinets, added a few more to create this attractive kitchen.