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Basement Guest House Remodel


Lynch-Baranoff Residence
2015 | La Mesa, CA

The objective in this detached basement (no interior access from the main floor) was to upgrade the existing kitchenette, bath, and laundry to make it more presentable and livable for guests or visiting family members. We expanded the main entry door to the patio from a single door to a double French door, opening up the basement to the patio outdoor entertainment area. This made the functioning kitchenette in the basement fairly critical. With the homes main kitchen an entire floor above without a means of direct access, this kitchenette is the kitchen area most used when using the patio to entertain guests. Having it fully operational and readily available to the patio area greatly reduces the need to go up and down a long flight of stairs to the primary kitchen in the residence.

Condo on the Beach Makeover: Downstairs Bedrooms


Rodriguez Residence
2016 | Pacific Beach

All of the bedrooms on the lower floor were successfully configured to accommodate a queen size sleeping surface. The two outer bedrooms in the row of three along the beach facing exterior wall have custom built queen size beds with storage drawers, headboards, and shelving made with the traditional charcoal glazed snow white thermofoil used in the other major rooms of the home.

Condo on the Beach Makeover: Lower Floor


Rodriguez Residence
2016 | Pacific Beach

We put a lot of functionality into the new smaller laundry room, adding storage cabinets above the washer and dryer, counter space, and pull out hampers.

All the closets downstairs have the same color melamine cabinets, Panolam S431 willow grey with combinations of open shelves, pole, and drawer. Depending on the width of the closet, they have either sliding frameless mirrored doors or bi-fold frameless mirror doors for closets with narrower openings.

The Beach Bench and storage area at the back door was created after we talked about what the client needed to store their for use on the beach. We created the bench with storage below, overhead open shelf storage, and a series of hooks and bungee cords to meet their needs.

Sun Room & Office With a View


Goodwin Residence
Office & Sun Room With a View
1998 | University City

This was the second of 4 major remodels we did for this work-at-home client. They had already converted their family room just off the kitchen (our first project) into an office with three desks, but in doing so lost their family room, which was not optimized for use as an office. So the core focus of this project was to add on enough new space for a smaller family room, which they envisioned to be as much glass as possible to maximize natural light and view, and tie it in to the existing patio.