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Nakamura Residence
Small Master Bathroom Remodel
2011 | Serra Mesa, CA

Master Bath

  • Relocated sink to original linen closet space
  • Kept shower in same place, but completely rebuilt the shower with quartz wall surfacing to ceiling and clear shower doors to make room feel larger and show off shower walls
  • Moved toilet away from shower where it originally obstructed the shower entrance, creating easy access to the shower and more floor space to make the room feel and function larger than before
  • Added new shallow storage cabinetry between the toilet and shower and above the toilet giving the client more overall storage than old linen closet
  • Added LED lighting in ceiling and quiet and powerful exhaust vent in ceiling


  • Cabinets Manufactured by Danilo Nesovic
  • Cabinet Finish: White Thermofoil
  • Zacca Medicine Cabinet with plastic interior not metal so it will never rust


  • Countertops: Quartz
  • Backsplash: Quartz
  • Shower Walls and Dam: Quartz
  • Shower Floor: Porcelain Tile
  • Sheet vinyl floors with coved wall base for easy cleaning and maintenance

Project Credits

  • Design by Danilo Nesovic
  • Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

This tiny bathroom was cramped, dark, and damp. Its fixtures were outdated and worn out. In rearranging this bath to open up the existing space to make it feel and function bigger and lighter, the key was to eliminate the original linen closet to your left as you look in the before pictures taken from the bathroom doorway. We relocated the sink to this original linen area, kept the shower in the same place as the original plan and moved the toilet away from the shower. The toilet originally was so close to the shower it obstructed the shower entrance as can be seen in the before photos.

We then made shallow linen storage cabinets between the toilet and shower and above the toilet. By adding clear shower doors, good LED lighting in the ceiling, and a good and quiet exhaust vent all this clients original concerns were met. They now have a small bath that looks and feels larger and lighter. It is easier to move around in and actually has more total storage and more accessible storage.