Project Description

Emler Residence
Retired Couple’s Cherry Kitchen
2013 | Fallbrook, CA


  • Turned the kitchen from one with two L-shaped sections into one with a U-shaped main work area and all tall storage and tall appliances on one wall.
  • Wider and stronger drawers and role out shelves that are not available from the big box stores
  • Customized cabinet sizes, finish, and conversion varnish top coat that was not available from the big box stores.

Kitchen Details


  • Cabinets: Cherry Wood
  • Cabinet Interior: Maple Melamine
  • Countertops: Corian Solid Surface
  • Backsplash: Corian Brick Pattern Backsplash
  • Sink: Corian Integral 881 Undermount Sink
  • Faucet: Hans Grohe Ladylux GR32298SDO


  • Floor: Existing tile floor preserved, patched as needed for alterations

Project Credits

Designer: Danilo Nesovic
Contractor: Carol Emler (homeowner)
Interior Decoration: Carol & Diane Emler (homeowner)
Cabinet Manufacturer: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

This is the retirement home of a contractor who needed help with the kitchen layout design and cabinetry. He wanted to act as his own general contractor doing some of the work and subbing out the specialty trades himself.

The original kitchen had the major fixtures and appliances in pretty much the same location as the redesigned kitchen, but it originally had two L-shaped sections of cabinets and counters. The new plan has a U-shaped main section that better isolates the main work area from people walking through the kitchen from the back door, which is a heavily used walking path resulting from the patio and outdoor dining table just outside that door. The wall opposite the sink now houses tall storage, pantry & broom closet, refrigerator, and microwave and coffee center.

After the new design was finalized, the cabinet specs, color, and accessories were decided on, this client got price quotes from us and two of the most known big box stores here in town. At first, the big box store’s pricing seemed to be almost half the price of ours—until this client realized their price did not include the installation and many of the accessories.

After taking the time and effort to insist they send out an installer to provide a firm price on the cabinets and installation combined, the price difference narrowed to within a couple thousand dollars of ours, but this retired contractor was knowledgeable enough to look at accessories and how the cabinets were built to realize the difference in price was more than made up for all of the things we did in our cabinets that the big box stores do not. Though there are many to list, these points which were the most important to this client:

  1. Our finish is Conversion Varnish, the most durable finish ever formulated to protect wood products, the majority of the big box store products are water based and are far softer and far more chemically unstable.
  2. All our drawers and role out shelves in cabinets over 30” wide use heavy duty drawer guides and have much thicker bottoms, 1/2” vs 1/4” for the big box cabs
  3. Our sizes are customized on 1/8” increments with no upcharges for using non-standard sizes, while the big box stores are 3” increments with upcharges that make their cabinets more expensive than mine when applied.
  4. We offered colors, door styles, and wood species cuts that were not available from the big box stores.

The bottom line: this client got a kitchen exactly the way he wanted that will last far longer and fit his space and needs better than what was offered by the others.