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Whalen Residence
Kitchen Remodel and 2 Story Addition
1994 | Del Mar, CA

Two Story Addition

  • Enlarged Breakfast Area off kitchen
  • Enlarged Kitchen
  • Enlarged upstairs bedroom
  • Much like their friends and neighbor, the Goodwin’s this small addition helped create a much larger functional space than one could imagine
  • Changing the shape of the rooms by removing 2 exterior and one interior bearing wall lead to a usability benefit many times greater than the simple square footage added
  • Added a desk area in the expanded bedroom
  • The kitchen is now large enough for a very functional center island

Major Kitchen Remodel

  • The client wanted the clean contemporary classical look of white painted raised panel doors
  • Being just a few blocks from the ocean real painted doors would exhibit great movement within the doors from the high moisture content in the air, so white thermo foil laminate doors were used to simulate the look but with far better wear-ability and less maintenance and cost than real painted doors
  • The unusual shaped island was created by bobbing the corners off a common square island for the functional purpose of creating larger open walk space between elements of the kitchen to improve the work triangles
  • Multiple work triangles are created in any kitchen that has more than one sink and are a common way to make larger kitchens function better by cutting down on the size of overly large single work triangles by breaking them into multiple smaller ones
  • This functional decision led to this unique shape of the island with the angled doors at the island sink
  • This is a great example of the concept of “Form Follows Function”
  • Meaning, the best looking solutions normally are derived by the best functional solutions, not the reverse
  • When you see things in nature that look spectacular, that spectacular look is alwaysderived by the function of the elements in play

Kitchen Remodeling Details

  • Cabinets Manufactured by Danilo Nesovic
  • Cabinet Finish: White thermofoil
  • Granite countertops and full backsplash
  • Hardwood floors
  • Commercial style range
  • Custom range hood with exterior motor
  • Built-in refrigerator

Project Credits

Structural Design & Remodeling: Danilo Nesovic

Kitchen Design: Danilo Nesovic

Kitchen Remodeling: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

Much like their friend and neighbors the Goodwins, this two story addition doubled the size of an upstairs bedroom and turned a small breakfast area off the kitchen into a larger dining area while also creating a bigger kitchen.