Project Description

Donnelly Residence
Earthy Wood & Glass Master Bath
2014 | Bonita


  • Moved Interior Bearing Wall 3ft to Enlarge Master Bathroom
  • Added Separate Soaking Tub and Large Shower
  • Wall Hung, Hidden Tank Geberit European Toilet
  • Glass Block Privacy Partitions for Shower and Toilet Area
  • All My Functional Bath Features Are Utilized in This Bath Remodel

Bathroom Details               


  • Cabinets: Light Figured Maple Woodgrain Match Grain Thermofoil Doors and Parts in Flat Doors with Soft Clam Shell Shaped Edge
  • These Are Functional Bath Cabinets with Outlets Inside the Wall Cabinets next to Each Sink and this Client Insisted the Counter Height Be 39″ (Also a Functional Bath Feature) Numerous Drawers Make the Cabinets Easy Access.
  • Cabinet Interior: Clear Maple Melamine
  • Cabinet Lighting: Juno Pro-Series UPLED 9″ LED Under Cabinet Lights Above and Below Wall Cabinets
  • Countertops: Natural Stone – Marble with Full Splash and 9″ Splash Behind Sinks
  • Sink: Kohler Large rectangular undermount sinks
  • Faucet: Wall Hung Faucets over Lavs in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • Shower: Custom Tile Shower with Multiple Recessed Shampoo Shelves, Grab Bars, Seat, and Two Shower Heads, One Fixed and One Hand Held near the Seat
  • Bathtub: Americh Beverly 4060, 32″ Deep Soaking Tub with Two Seats
  • Toilet: Geberit In-Wall Tank SystemEuropean Wall hung, hidden tank
  • Room Lighting: Halo RL56wh LED Recessed Ceiling Cans on Dimmer Switches Over Sinks, Tub, Shower, and Toilet
  • Ventilator: Panasonic FV-11VQ5 110 Cfm quiet fan on 1 hour timer switch
  • Heater: Ouelet OVRU15-02 1500 Watt In-Wall Register Style Heater on 1 hour Timer Between Tub and Toilet


  • Shower and Wall Treatments: Wood Grain Porcelain Tile 5″ x 24″ Planks and Compatible Marble Trim Pieces Supplied by Stones Unlimited
  • Partitions: 8″ x 8″ Glass Block with End and Corner Caps
  • Wall Color: Frazee “Hooper” CL 2772W
  • Ceiling/Door/Trim Color: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” SW 7004
  • Flooring: Same Material on Main Floor as Walls. Shower Floor and Shampoo Box Inset Tiles Are Real Marble Flat and Larger Format Pebble Stone Honed Finish

Project Overview

This master bath originally had a typical builder’s tub and small shower. The purpose of the remodel was to open up the bath into a more comfortable space with a large shower and soaking tub. The client had seen this tub across the street in a project I did for their neighbor a few years before. It is an extremely comfortable tub that I have used many times in projects.

In moving a bearing wall 3 feet, we made the bathroom large enough for all the additions to this extremely functional master bath. All my functional bath points were captured.

  1. Easy access storage on each side of each sink with outlets inside the cabinets so when personal care implements are in use the door remains open, when done the doors are simply closed and the area stays clean and clutter free.
  1. Taller bath counters, 39″ in this case, at clients request, for easy access to the sink and less splashing and bending over.
  1. On demand heater on 1-hour timer switch to warm air prior to turning on shower, so air will hold more moisture longer, allowing the vent time to evacuate damp air before air becomes super saturated and shed moisture on mirrors, cabinets, paint, etc.
  1. Ultra Quiet 110cfm Panasonic Vent on 1 hour timer switch.
  1. Walk-in shower, no doors. With seat, recessed shampoo shelves, grab bars, fixed shower head and hand held.
  1. Efficient and high quality LED lighting recessed into the ceiling and indirect LED lighting above and below the cabinets.

Glass blocks were installed as privacy partitions for the shower and toilet areas. The toilet is a Wall Hung Geberit brand hidden tank toilet. The toilet tank and moving parts are actually inside the wall. The wall plate above the toilet has two flush buttons, one for small flush, one for large flush. That plate is also removable for access to all the moving parts for the tank and repairs.

The clients loved the warmth of the darker porcelain plank tiles that mimic real wood used on the floors and walls. The cabinets look like natural maple, but are actually a thermofoil lookalike with soft clam shell shaped edges. The tile work is trimmed out with real marble edge details compatible with both the tile and the flat marble stones used for the shower floor and shampoo recesses.  The warmth was continued with the natural stone marble countertop with full splash.

The large walk-in shower has no need for a door, a large seat, two shower heads, one fixed and one hand held, and numerous recessed shelves for storage. The 60 x 40 x 32″ deep soaking tub has seats for two, a wall-hung tub fill and also its own hand held wand spray. This tub is easy access because of its height. You just sit on the edge and swing your legs into the tub.

This client loves their new master bath.