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Mayer Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1991 | Del Mar, CA

Complete Kitchen Remodel

  • Our challenge was to turn the original U-shaped kitchen into and island kitchen while maintaining the gray tile floors which continued though all the first floor halls and adjoining rooms
  • We were able to save enough of the tiles while carefully removing them from the new island location and from in front of all the new base cabinet positions to patch the floor where the old U-shape now is a walkway
  • That same patched U area was used to cut the slab floors and run the trench for the new sink plumbing lines and electrical for the island
  • A peach colored tile, compatible with the white washed maple cabinets and clients wallpaper selection, was found that was the same size as the original gray tile
  • This peach colored tile was then used as a border tile around all the kitchen base cabinets
  • This is a very large room so finding space for all the necessities was not an issue
  • However, the client had a lot of appliances which they wanted hidden behind appliance garage doors and one draw back to appliance garages, in their typical application, is they decrease the usable counter space immediately in front of them when the garage is closed
  • Floor space was not an issue so to circumvent that shortcoming the entire length of counter and cabinets to the left of the sink was made 6″ deeper than normal
  • On that leg of cabinets base cabinets are 30″ deep with 28″ deep role out shelves and wall cabinets are 18″ deep allowing for more storage, but more importantly, 19 1/2″ depth of counters from the counter edge to the garage door, giving ample counter space even when the garage doors were closed
  • This extra 6″ of depth on the wall cabinets gave us space to put under cabinet florescent lights in front of the 12″ deep appliance garage which put task lighting at both the counter in front of the garage doors and into the garage area when the doors were opened
  • The back side of the island was set up as a baking center, with the ovens, sink in the island and ample work counter
  • The counter face of the cook top side of the island was fitted with brass railing for hanging towels and utensils
  • A bow window was selected instead of a bay to match the existing bay window in the dining area because the client would have difficulty reaching to clean the counter with a bay while the bows smaller projection was the ideal size
  • A desk was added at the outskirts of the kitchen
  • Cabinetry was also added in the family room on either side of the fireplace
  • One side of the fireplace had a wine cooler and bar area, the other an under counter refrigerator

Kitchen Remodeling Details

  • Cabinets Manufactured by Crystal
  • Cabinet Finish: White washed conversion varnish over maple
  • Granite countertops and full backsplash
  • Original gray ceramic tile floors with peach colored ceramic tile border around base cabinets
  • Built-in refrigerator
  • Gas commercial style cook top with down vent
  • Microwave mounted under wall cabinets
  • Double ovens

Project Credits

Kitchen Design: Danilo Nesovic

Kitchen Remodeling: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

While doing this major kitchen remodel our biggest challenge was to figure out how to turn the original U-shaped kitchen into an island kitchen without changing the gray floor tile that covered the kitchen and all adjoining halls and rooms.

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