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Fong Residence
Built-In Wok Kitchen
2000 | College Area


  • Complete Kitchen Remodel and Update
  • Update Electrical and Lighting
  • New Cabinets, Appliances, Fixtures, Surfaces and Counters
  • Replaced All Windows & Doors in House Except Front Entry and Side Garage

Kitchen Details


  • Cabinets: Classic Raised Panel Mission White Thermofoil Doors That Look like Paint, but Wear and Last Much Longer
  • Cabinet Interior: White Melamine
  • Cabinet Lighting: Fluorescent Undercabinet Lighting
  • Countertops: Blue Pearl GT Black Granite
  • Backsplash: Full Splash in Blue Pearl GT Black Granite
  • Sink: Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Undermount Sink
  • Faucet: Single-Lever Euro Style
  • Room Lighting: Halo Halogen Recessed Can Lights Focused over Work Counters and Cabinets


  • Refrigerator: Amana BB20VPSE Stainless Steel Freestanding Fridge
  • Wok: DCS C-24W Commercial Style Wok with Stainless Steel Splash Guard
  • Cooktop: Jenn Air CCE3451B Black Induction Cooktop
  • Oven: KitchenAid KEBS208DBS Stainless Steel Double Oven
  • Range Hood: 2 Vent-a-Hood Stainless Steel Hoods Over Cooktop and Wok
  • Microwave: Panasonic Countertop Combination Microwave and Toaster Oven
  • Dishwasher: General Electric GSD5940D Stainless Steel


  • Flooring: Sheet Vinyl Flooring in 12 x 12 Tile Pattern

Project Credits

Designer: Danilo Nesovic
Contractor: Danilo Nesovic
Interior Decoration: Homeowner, With Inputs From Danilo Nesovic
Cabinet Manufacturer: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

A dedicated high BTU gas commercial grade built-in wok was the unique element that became the focal point for the majority of the cooking done by this wonderful Chinese family. When they had us update their original 1950’s kitchen, this wok was at the top of their wish list. They did not want the wok attached to the main cooktop, but instead on its own with a higher BTU rating than was available at that time from residential wok cooktop add-ons. The small island that was added provided extra storage, but was primarily intended as the prep and serving area for the wok as it is situated directly between the wok and water supply, while also being only a step away from the fridge. The main cooktop is a black induction and traditional double oven, and free standing fridge.

The clients wanted the simple classic style and look of painted cabinets, and like the majority of my clients who originally requested that look, as you will see in my portfolio, when I showed them samples of white raised panel thermofoil doors and explained how easy they are to keep clean, how they last many years longer than a painted door, and how much less expensive they are, they selected the thermofoil. Unlike most other kitchen fabricators, I do not limit the molding options for a thermofoil cabinet project like this to only thermofoil light valence or crown moldings, since they are very limited in size, shape, and color. When I say these doors look like painted doors, I am not exaggerating. What I have always done with solid color thermofoil’s like this is offer all the same molding that we use on real wood projects, and simply paint the wood to match the thermofoil. This has always given my thermofoil projects much greater depth and detail than other manufactures, who do not seem as capable of thinking outside the box and mixing materials to create unique and stunning detailed overall looks that can be shaped to any style, by the use of appropriate detailed moldings. Classic, Mission, Craftsmen, Art Deco, and most other styles are not defined as much by the actual door style used as they are by the choice of how to accent the doors with accompanying crown, casing, or light valence molding that create the overall style.

Low maintenance and high durability black granite countertops with full splash complete this classic style kitchen.

Notice the placement of the recessed down lights over the countertops as you look around the kitchen: they are not in the typical brain-dead architectural geometric pattern seen in most magazines. These kitchen lights are placed where they are needed over work spaces, in front of cabinets so the cabinets are highlighted and you are not standing and working in your own shadow like you would if the lights were behind you in a geometric pattern in the ceiling. We also supplemented the lighting with under cabinet fluorescent lights.

The only thing this classic kitchen could add today as an upgrade would be replacing the Halogen ceiling lights and fluorescent undercabinet lights with LED versions.