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Lynch-Baranoff Residence
Basement Guest House Remodel
2015 | La Mesa, CA


  • Replaced single door to patio with 5 foot wide double French door
  • Upgraded existing kitchenette, bathroom, and laundry
  • Upgrade lighting and electrical to meet current codes with all LED lights on dimmers.
  • Replaced linoleum floors with new LVT flooring that looks like wood

Basement Details


Cabinets: Thermofoil in White Oak Melinga w/ Horizontal Grain
Cabinet Door Style: Thermofoil Flat Panel in White Oak Melinga w/ Horizontal Grain
Cabinet Interior: White Melamine
Countertops: Volga Blue Extra Granite
Backsplash: Volga Blue Extra Granite (4”)
Room Lighting: Surface Mount LEDs


Microwave: Sharp R1214
Dishwasher: Existing Unit Relocated from Main Kitchen


Flooring: Guardian Luxury Vinyl Plank #P2002, “Annapolis” Color w/ Ceramic Bead Finish

Bathroom Details


Sink: Owner Supplied Pedestal Sink
Room Lighting: Surface Mount LEDs
Ventilator: Panasonic 110 cfm (Model #FV-11VQ5)


Wall Treatments: Existing Shower Tile
Flooring: Emser Strands Oyster Porcelain Tile

Project Credits

Designer: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Interior Decoration: Homeowners – Bonnie Baranoff & Jason Lynch

Cabinet Manufacturer: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

The objective in this detached basement (no interior access from the main floor) was to upgrade the existing kitchenette, bath, and laundry to make it more presentable and livable for guests or visiting family members. We expanded the main entry door to the patio from a single door to a double French door, opening up the basement to the patio outdoor entertainment area. This made the functioning kitchenette in the basement fairly critical. With the homes main kitchen an entire floor above without a means of direct access, this kitchenette is the kitchen area most used when using the patio to entertain guests. Having it fully operational and readily available to the patio area greatly reduces the need to go up and down a long flight of stairs to the primary kitchen in the residence.

As with the main kitchen in this home, we used a simple thermofoil door, but this time a very modern style with a heavy horizontal texture. All the lighting used are LEDs on dimmer switches, including the pendants. The room was set up as a large bedroom living space and the wood looking floors had to be made out of LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) rather than wood because the existing concrete floor had a 6” drop-curve, not step, right as the floor transitions from the bathroom entrance to the laundry area. No other material other than LVT or a sheet vinyl are capable of being installed in that situation. The beauty of the LVT flooring is that it looks just like real wood, but wears a lot better, lasts longer, and is impervious to the water damage and scratching real wood floors are susceptible to.

The bathroom was a relatively simple makeover, keeping the shower tiles but changing the floor tiles, sink, toilet, and shower valves. We removed the hard-to-clean shower doors and replaced them with a single sheet of fixed glass, creating a walk-in shower with no door. All the lighting was replaced with LED fixtures on dimmers here too. The laundry is big enough to add a fold out sofa bed for additional guest sleeping accommodations.