by an Inquisitive American Citizen

About a month ago I became aware of three scientific studies published in May thru June 2020 that actually give strong evidence that we can all go back to work and school safely without a vaccine very soon. Yes, we could actually get control of this pandemic with a simple shift in our thinking about this disease.

There is a new tool we could have within weeks that is so simple and cheap, $1-2 per test with results in 10 to 15 minutes much like a pregnancy test, that we could easily test hundreds of millions of people a day and stop this pandemic dead in its tracks.

I was so excited and was patiently waiting for Science to come to our rescue from all this political flailing and our public’s media driven divisiveness and finger pointing.

You can watch what I watched to learn about those studies in plain English that all of us non scientists can grasp by watching this YouTube video.

Over six weeks have passed and, Nothing Has Happened!!!

No CDC or WHO or NIH announcements about these studies and their significance in our and the worlds fight against this attack. These are supposed to be our scientific experts on this pandemic. Why don’t they at least acknowledge there is another path we could consider, not instead of our current path. but in addition,  to augment our probability of success?

No notices from any political party or politician that we now have an effective weapon. Is the White House so anti science that they do not even recognize they could be painted as hero’s even in spite of their horrendous efforts regarding the Covid attack so far? Are the democrats more worried about getting power in Nov than saving our lives? Are the dems afraid that if we do have an effective solution implemented before Nov, that their presidential nominee, old Joe, that nobody really wants to vote for will lose to the Donald? This seems to be just another lesson for WE THE PEOPLE to learn that our own government treats us less humanely than cattle.

My first thought is WTF is going on.  Can I please talk to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The guy that I want to trust, seems smart, and seems to care, but also seems to have had a muzzle put over his mouth and a gun pointed to his head.

Here is an update video I watched last night that puts my frustrations, the science and the political angles in perspective, The author of the study that correlated the other studies data to formulate a new tool to combat Covid, Michael Mina, MD, PhD of Harvard Univ. Medical School, talks about his attempts to get his ideas put into action and the stone wall he ran into.

This should be the top news story on every media source in this country and around the world! My question is, Why is it Not?