Golden Balance Kitchen


Goldstone Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1989 | (Del Cerro) San Diego, CA

This Del Cerro home had a dark kitchen whose window faced north. With little direct sunlight it was important to use light cabinets to brighten the room and make it feel more expansive. We enlarged the window size and added a bay window to add light and make the kitchen feel more connected to the back yard. The client picked almond laminate cabinets with wood trim to soften look of the laminate. Good use of lighting was the final element that made this kitchen work.

Clean & Classic Kitchen


Cullinen-James Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1988 | (Mission Hills) San Diego, CA

This big historic Mission Hills home had an original kitchen area that was large, but broken up by 4 entrances and two large windows. The client was understandably reluctant to close off any windows to gain the wall space needed to make an efficient kitchen. It made more sense to them when we suggested moving the kitchen to a small adjoining family room and turn the old kitchen area into a new larger family room which would make more use out of the large windows and 4 entrances.

Garden View Eat-In Kitchen


Mizoguchi Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Greenhouse Addition
1987 | Del Mar, CA

In this small greenhouse addition we captured a second floor porch surrounded by the U-shaped second story of the home, and added it to the kitchen remodeling with part of the new roof as a glass greenhouse over the new sink area. It added enough room to the once corridor kitchen to make a large kitchen with an island.

Peachy Keen Bath & Bedroom



Scheffler Residence
Master Bath & Home Office Remodel
1985 | Del Mar, CA

Master Bathroom Remodel using Dan's Functional Bathroom Design Concept, to make this small bath function and look larger than its actual size. Also, a home office remodel with a pull down bed so it now doubles as a guest room.

Streamlined & Structured Kitchen


Boyd Residence - Kitchen Remodel
Complete Kitchen Remodel
1983 | La Jolla, CA

This home in La Jolla with an incredible scenic ocean view from the kitchen captured the clean sleek lined look the homeowner was looking for using post formed laminate cabinets with no handles and white corian counters.

Semi-Circle Sensible Kitchen


Ross Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1983 | Del Mar, CA

This unique and small, Old Del Mar, home required a unique solution to its tiny kitchen. We enlarged the kitchen by removing a wall between the kitchen and original laundry area. The laundry was moved into the garage, making a tiny kitchen space into a small and awkward shaped area. We were able to turn this unusually shaped area into a functional room with an aesthetic solution which fit the unique characteristics of this home.

Two-Level Wooden Warmth Kitchen


Perkins Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1983 | Coronado, CA

This large Coronado family needed to enlarge their kitchen to fit the family's active life style. They needed a lot more than the original 3 seats at their eating bar and a larger kitchen work area for mom to work while she fed the family and guests.

Rounded Wonder Kitchen


Gordon Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel & Bath Remodel
1983 | La Jolla, CA

In this La Jolla home we did major structural alterations to turn the area of an unused study into a family room open to the kitchen and breakfast area. The use of curved cabinet ends to softened the transition between each area created a very inviting living space.

Patterned Partition Bath



Ewing Residence
Master Bath Remodel
1983 | La Jolla, CA

Shortly after completing their kitchen remodel this client asked us to do a master bath remodel. Our task here was to create a european style bath with floor to ceiling tile all around and build a custom made jacuzzi which was to be heavily used for medical therapeutic reasons.

Black & White Kitchen and Bath


Chiger Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel & Bath Remodel
1982 | (Bay Park) San Diego, CA

This small bath remodel was the catalyst to Dan's research into why we remodel bathrooms with traditional specifications, and the development of his "Functions Bathroom Design" concepts. This home, and specifically this kitchen, has exactly the same original floor plan as another kitchen remodel we performed in 1978 for the Schiffers in Kensington. The Chigers chose to open up the kitchen and enlarge it by combining three original rooms into one. Walls were removed that separated the kitchen, laundry, and breakfast nook.

Archway Allurement Kitchen


Ewing Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1982 | La Jolla, CA

In this kitchen remodel our task was to open the kitchen up and make it feel bigger without actually adding any additional floor space. We did two things to accomplish this: First, we removed most of an original wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. As you can see from the photos we sculpted this opening to match the existing style of the main entry to the dining room. We also left a short section of the original wall 42" tall so it would block the view of pots and other utensils on the cook top and counter from the dining area. This created the depth and feeling of an island kitchen, while still maintaining the separateness and visual integrity of the dining room. The second thing we changed was to vault the kitchen ceiling to match the dining room. That element gave more height and volume to the kitchen which also made it feel much bigger. The use of new white laminate cabinets also aided in creating the feel of a bigger kitchen.

Patterned Beach Home Remodel


Bear Residence
Kitchen Remodel and Bath Remodel
1982 | Del Mar, CA

This Del Mar beach house needed more light and to be opened to the rest of the living area to make it more pleasant for living and entertaining. The clients loved the look of this unique door style for this beach house.

Light Infused Bath


Pue Residence
Addition & Bath Remodel
1982 | (Point Loma) San Diego, CA

Immediately after completing their master bedroom and bath remodel the homeowner asked us to do this addition. The addition to the front of this home added a combination study and play room to their daughters bedroom. We also did a bath remodel adjoining this bedroom and installed a new front entry door to the home.

Bench Seat Basics Kitchen & Bath


Coleman Residence
Kitchen Remodel/Addition
Master Bath Remodel
1982 | La Jolla, CA

This kitchen and bath remodel included a small 21" extension of the kitchen under the existing eave to make room for a built in Bench Seat with storage. It added enough room to the kitchen to add a small breakfast table to the room. We worked closely with Interior Designer William McElroy to capture this clients dreams.

Spreckles Beach House Designer Showcase


Doilney Residence
Designer Showcase Kitchen Remodel
1982 | Coronado, CA

Voted Best Room in the 1982 Designer Showcase Home, and later featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Designers West, and San Diego Home & Garden magazines. The Major Kitchen Remodel of this historic mansion on Ocean Blvd. in Coronado provided many structural and design challenges.

Squared-Off Style Kitchen


Sturgeon Residence
Kitchen Remodel & Addition
1981 | Coronado, CA

This client needed a small addition to this architecturally unique home to add a breakfast room to the adjoining kitchen remodel. Great care was taken to match the original construction details used to build this home.

Warm & Open Kitchen


Frechtel Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1981 | (Del Cerro) San Diego, CA

Major Kitchen remodel entailed removing two adjoining bearing walls, bordering a small corridor kitchen, to completely open the kitchen, dining room, living room and family room into one large room which was open to the back yard, with pool and view.

Industrial Classic Kitchen


Ozerkus Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1981 | Carlsbad, CA

This single family residence kitchen remodel entailed removal of interior wall to open kitchen up to the living area and other rooms, creating expansive & light kitchen, living and entertaining spaces.

Butcher Block Custom Kitchen


Arbon Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel and Addition
1980 | Del Mar (Torrey Pines), CA

This major kitchen remodeling project used a nicely designed addition to add enough space to a kitchen to add a nice sized work island with moveable butcher block and a large bay window area projection for a breakfast area to this home. Great communication and coordination with the homeowner enabled us to create a truly custom room that was a perfect fit for all their families functional and aesthetic needs.

Light & Bright Mountain Remodel


Austerlitz Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1980 | La Mesa, CA

In 1980 our clients, a young professional couple, moved to San Diego and bought an older Mount Helix home. As with most young couples buying their first home, they were a bit house poor after the purchase, so they made a number of material concessions to get the kitchen updated within their budget. The original dark outdated kitchen really needed redesign and a major face lift to brighten the kitchen and help it to better blend in with a very nice family room to which it opened.

Bold & Dark Kitchen Remodel


Kalafer Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel
1980 | (Normal Heights) San Diego, CA

As you can see from the original pitchers this old, heavily Spanish style home in University Heights overlooking Mission Valley needed a major remodel of the kitchen. It was only natural to create a heavily Spanish style kitchen in keeping with the rest of the home.

Early American Kitchen Remodel


Myer Residence
Kitchen & Bath Remodel
1978 | (Hillcrest), San Diego, CA

Major Kitchen and Bath Remodel involved removing two walls to create a large kitchen. Early American style theme was chosen to match all the homeowners existing furnishings.