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Austerlitz Residence
Kitchen Remodel
1980 | La Mesa, CA

Complete Kitchen Remodel

  • Our clients on this project made a number of concessions on the materials chosen to keep this kitchen within their budget
  • The original u-shaped kitchen was dark and closed off from the family room by one leg of the U-shape with wall cabinets above
  • The island solution that was chosen completely opens the kitchen to the family room, but it has one limitation, not much wall space for cabinetry and appliances, which led us to create a desk area at the end of the island
  • The kitchen had two existing skylights which had very unusual shafts, rather than restructure the ceiling to make them more visually appealing, a less costly approach of putting new skylight lenses lower trimmed in wood to hide the original shaft
  • We also added florescent lights above the new lowered lenses so the skylights act as a light source at night also
  • The client would have preferred using a more costly cabinet door style like an ultra modern high gloss polyester. This post formed laminate door with wood trim was an acceptable alternative giving them the clean simple lines with light finish to brighten the room and make it feel larger
  • Likewise rather than using a natural stone counter top, laminate with a wood edge to match the cabinets was chosen for the L-shaped sink area
  • Blue ceramic tile with a wood edge was used for the island cook top area as both a decorative element and for its impervious nature to hot pots & pans
  • Numerous custom storage options were used as can be seen in the photos, knife drawer, spice drawer, pacific cloth lined fine silverware drawer, and built in pigeon holes at the desk
  • A credit to how well this kitchen solved the clients functional needs, 16 years later, we remodeled this kitchen again using the materials the client would have originally chosen. Look at that kitchen to see a strikingly similar design with a few new twists.

Kitchen Remodeling Details

  • Cabinets manufactured by Danilo Nesovic
  • Cabinet Finish: Almond post-formed laminate with wood trim
  • Laminate countertops with wood edge on sink area
  • Blue ceramic tile countertops with wood edge on island cooktop area
  • Parkay hardwood floors were patched to match existing surrounding floor
  • Double ovens
  • Built-in microwave
  • Electric cooktop with down vent

Project Credits

Kitchen Design: Danilo Nesovic

Kitchen Remodeling: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

In 1980 our clients, a young professional couple, moved to San Diego and bought an older Mount Helix home. As with most young couples buying their first home, they were a bit house poor after the purchase, so they made a number of material concessions to get the kitchen updated within their budget. The original dark outdated kitchen really needed redesign and a major face lift to brighten the kitchen and help it to better blend in with a very nice family room to which it opened.

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