Project Description

Jagoda Residence
Contemporary Master Bath Makeover
2005 | Carmel Valley


  • Complete Remodel of Master Bath
  • Removed Wall Between Tub and Shower
  • Lowered Tub Platform for New Drop-In Tub
  • New Cabinets and Counters
  • Custom Tile Shower with Seat, Recessed Shampoo Shelves Out of Sight Below Tub Deck, and Frameless Glass Surround

Bathroom Details


  • Cabinets: Formica #86622-58 Summer Flame HPL w/ Postformed (Rolled 2 Side Edges) and Matching 3mm PVC Top and Bottom Edges
  • Cabinet Interior: White Melamine
  • Cabinet Lighting: FSC 3124el 24″ Under Cabinet Lights
  • Countertops: Copper Canyon Granite Slabs
  • Backsplash: Copper Canyon Granite 6″ Tall
  • Sink: Kohler Large Rectangular Undermount Ceramic Sinks
  • Faucet: Satin Nickel Euro Style Single Lever
  • Shower: Custom Tile 48″ X 39″ Shower
  • Bathtub: 60 X 30 Drop-In Tub
  • Toilet: One-Piece White
  • Ventilator: Nutone QTXEN080
  • Room Lighting:
    • Lithonia L5 Halogen Recessed Ceiling Cans with Flood Lamps
    • Existing Pendant Light Fixtures Supplied by Owner


  • Shower Wall & Floor Treatments:
    • 12 X12 Porcelain Tiles Made to Look like Natural Stone with 1/4 Round Trims
    • Matching 2 X 2 Shower Pan Tile and Real Stone
    • Marble and Black Granite Water Jet Made Decorative Accent Strip
  • Flooring: Carpeting Extended from Master Bedroom Through Bath

Project Credits:

Designer: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Interior Decoration: Homeowner, With Inputs From Danilo Nesovic

Cabinet Manufacturer: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

As you can see from the photos, this bath is open to the master bedroom with no door to close and the wall between the two rooms does not extend all the way to the ceiling, leaving the air space in the main area with shower completely open to the bedroom. This is a great mechanical advantage when it comes to the air in this bath holding water — the air volume is so big there are few instances where the air can get super saturated. The client had lived with this basic configuration for decades and felt no need to improve the room’s ventilation or add a heater as we do in many projects that have more closed off air spaces. The client was also pretty set on how they use their bath, so other than hiding the recessed shampoo boxes down below the tub platform to avoid disrupting the view of the tile installation and also raising the bath counter height to our standard 36″, there were no other functional bath elements incorporated into this clients bath solution. As I have said repeatedly through the years: I always make as many suggestions as I can to give my clients options and the ability to make informed and educated decisions, but the bottom line is, I am not going to live there, they are. They are the ones that need to like the look and be comfortable with the function, not me.

Notice the placement of the Halogen recessed down lights over the counter tops as you look around the bath, they are not in the typical brain-dead architectural geometric pattern seen in most magazines. These lights are placed where they are needed over work spaces, in front of cabinets so the cabinets are highlighted and you are not standing and working in your own shadow like you would if the lights were behind you in a geometric pattern in the ceiling. We also supplemented the lighting with under cabinet florescent lights in the toilet room.

This client got the exact look and functionality they needed. The only thing this client could do today to upgrade this beautiful and timeless project is replace the ceiling halogen fixtures and florescent under cabinet lights with LED versions of those same products.