Project Description

Rodriguez Residence
Condo on the Beach Makeover: Upper Floor
2016 | Pacific Beach

Powder Room


  • Cabinets: Stevens Heavy Textured (Rain finish) Melamine – G60 – Dark Noce Wood Grain
  • Cabinet Interior: Dark Noce
  • Cabinet Feet: Osborne # 4915 – 4″ Square Satin Aluminum
  • Countertops: Granite Mix – Arizona Tile Fusion Satin Finish Center with Absolute Black Polished 3″ Border on All 4 Edges
  • Backsplash: 4 Piece Mirror with Small Bevel on Perimeter of Each Piece
  • Sink: Avanity Rectangular Black Granite Vessel Stone Sink
  • Faucet: Kohler KT14412-3 Wall Mount Cross Handle, Polished Nickel Finish


Wall Treatments: Jeffrey Court Mystical Light ½” x 2″ Aluminum Tiles, Stacked Mosaic Pattern

Common Area Details

  • Created Dining Area With Bench Seat, Eliminating Previously Used Floor Space. Dining room was captured from a space that was just a very wide hall or walkway and was able to fit into that space because we created a built-in bench seat with storage that allowed us to move the table closer to the exterior wall and preserve the walkway.
  • Added Entertainment Center to Family Room
  • Replaced Base and Casing Throughout Both Areas


  • Center Cabinet: Stevens Heavy Textured (Rain finish) Melamine – G60 – Dark Noce Wood Grain
  • Cabinet Feet: Hafele 6″ Nickel Matt #634.32.602
  • Cabinet Interior: Clear Maple Melamine
  • Countertops: Dark Noce
  • Backsplash: Dark Noce (Entire Wall)
  • Bench Seat: White Melamine Storage Box and Lid Faced with Drywall and Base Painted to Look Like Walls
  • Room Lighting: Recessed Ceiling LED Lights on Dimmer Switches
  • Dining Room Lighting: Chandelier Over New Table with LED Recessed Cans, Each System on its Own Dimmer Switch. Chandelier is Decorative or Mood Lighting, LEDs are Functional Lights.


  • Flooring: Existing Main Floor Entire Area, 24″ x 24″ Travertine Tiles, Was Patched in Two Small Places Mainly Due to Change of Base and Casing Style Throughout Home

Project Overview

Powder Room

For the powder room, the client chose to use the same Stevens G-60 Dark Noce wood grain replica material used for the entertainment center cabinets in the family room. Being only 4 feet away from the entertainment center in the living room, different furniture feet were used to give them a unique style. The room has an unusual sloped ceiling over the toilet because it is under the main exterior stairs that service the upper floor units. The client chose an aluminum metallic mosaic tile to put on that wall behind the toilet and up the slope to the ceiling. It creates a great texture that is also seen in the reflection of the mirror.

Common Areas: Dining Room & Family Room

We wound up leaving the upper floor with the master suite, kitchen, powder room and main living area in almost the same footprint. In the dining room, we squeezed in a large dining room table where there previously was none. By building a bench seat along the outside view wall, we were able to move the table closer to the wall than if we had used chairs on all sides. That left ample walkway space around the table to the kitchen and out on the deck overlooking the bay and beach.We re-tiled the deck, changed all the rooms lighting to LEDs, and added entertainment center cabinetry to the living room.

For the living room entertainment system cabinetry, the client chose to use a heavily textured wood grain replica melamine material, Stevens G-60 Dark Noce. This type of melamine is one of the most durable and scratch resistant products you can choose for the surface of cabinets and it is near the bottom of the cost scale of available options, being significantly less expensive than real wood of the same species and color chosen. Each of those sets of cabinets had a different type of furniture foot used to give them their own unique style.

Other Rooms in This Project

Master Suite:
Bedroom & Bathroom

Lower Floor

Downstairs Bedrooms

Sauna Replacement Bathroom

Relocated Bathroom