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Chiger Residence
Major Kitchen Remodel & Bath Remodel
1982 | (Bay Park) San Diego, CA

Bath Remodel

  • This clients requests and insights were the catalyst to Dan questioning all bathroom design standards in place at that time and many still in use today
  • This analysis led Dan to his “Functional Bathroom Design” concepts
  • Some of these concepts are seen in this early bath: 1. tall pantry like cabinet next to a sink to allow for storage of commonly used items behind doors rather than on the counter 2. 36″ minimum height counter tops
  • As you view other later baths in this portfolio you will see the evolution and refinement of these “Functional Bathroom Design” concepts

Bath Remodeling Details

  • Cabinets Manufactured by Danilo Nesovic
  • Cabinet Finish: White & gray driftwood laminate
  • White & gray ceramic tile Counter Tops
  • 36″ tall counters
  • Tile floors

Kitchen Remodel Alterations

  • Removed two non-bearing walls that separated the kitchen from a laundry area at the rear door, and a breakfast nook in the front of the home to make one larger, open and brighter kitchen
  • The functions of a laundry area and eating area were retained in the new design by hiding the laundry facilities in the cabinetry and building an eating bar attached to the kitchen counters
  • Installed a fully light florescent ceiling as was common in this era due to building codes
  • This kitchen has the has exactly the same original floor plan of another kitchen in this section of the portfolio. Look at the Schiffer’s kitchen we did in 1978, to see another solution for this same floor plan that does not remove the existing walls.

Kitchen Remodeling Details

  • Cabinets Manufactured by Danilo Nesovic
  • Cabinet Finish: White laminate
  • Charcoal gray ceramic tile countertops
  • 30″ deep tall cabinets along oven/refrigerator wall allow conventional fridge to seem more built-in and gave depth to fit standard laundry machines behind cabinet doors
  • Vinyl floors

Project Credits

Kitchen and Bath Design: Danilo Nesovic

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Danilo Nesovic

Contractor: Danilo Nesovic

Project Overview

This small bath remodel was the catalyst to Dan’s research into why we remodel bathrooms with traditional specifications, and the development of his “Functions Bathroom Design” concepts. This home, and specifically this kitchen, has exactly the same original floor plan as another kitchen remodel we performed in 1978 for the Schiffers in Kensington. The Chiger’s chose to open up the kitchen and enlarge it by combining three original rooms into one. Walls were removed that separated the kitchen, laundry, and breakfast nook. All three functions performed in this new larger kitchen, with an eating bar instead of the nook, and a laundry area built in to the cabinetry. To compare this solution to another kitchen remodel solution that retained the original rooms see the Schiffer photos in this section.